Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sinful Colors Mod In Bloom Collection Swatches

Hey everybody, hope you guys are having a great week, I know I am!  I was at Rite Aid a couple of days ago and, as a lover of Sinful Colors, it was my lucky day: I found the two new displays: Mod in Bloom and Oh My Mod!  On top of that, there's a double-sale if you are one of their card holders!

Right now with the club card, SC are on sale for 1.79 each, but they are also included in a BOGO 1/2 off sale for several brands... both sales stack, so really, I couldn't NOT pick them all up!  Today I have the swatches for Mod in Bloom to share with you.
Mod In Bloom by Sinful Colors
Alright, in order to keep it brief, I will just tell you off the bat that I used a coat of NYC Grand central station as a top coat for all pictures to follow.

The first polish I have to share with you is a pastel yellow crelly, Daisy Daze. 
Sinful Colors Daisy Daze
The formula on Daisy Daze was very thin and sheer, I am wearing four coats for both pictures but (I didn't notice at the time) I should have used five, there a few streaks still here and there, which is not unusual with crellies.

Next up is Nice Stems, a pretty pastel green creme.
Nice Stems
The formula on Nice Stems was also on the sheer side, but this one was looking pretty even after three coats.  I decided to wear four for these pictures, just to be on the safe side because the first two coats applied pretty streaky.

Here is Bright Lucite, a pale pastel blue creme.  I am wearing four coats for both pictures below.
Bright Lucite
The formula on Bright Lucite was also on the sheer side.  It was even after three coats but I added the extra to avoid any streaks under the lens, as usual.

Baby Blues is a dusty lavender pastel creme.  The formula on this bottle was no exception in this collection and was also very sheer.  I am wearing four coats for both pictures below.
Baby Blues

Violets Are Blue is a sky blue crelly.  I am wearing... you guessed it!  Four coats for both of the following pictures.
Violets are Blue
Violets are Blue was actually the special little gem in the collection because it has visible and awesome tiny glass flecks hidden in there and it becomes more evident in the nail, which is sorta the opposite of how these things normally go.  The formula really reminded me of Cinderella in that it's very thin but workable!

The next beauty is Mad About Hue,  a gorgeous lilac creme.
Mad About Hue
Mad About Hue IS the exception in this collection in terms of formula.  It was significantly more pigmented and thicker than all the other polishes here, it was pretty close to even after the second coat but I added a third to be on the safe side.

 I had to check and double check to make sure that our next polish, Pink Poppys, was actually part of THIS collection because it is the only one that is not at all a pastel but an ultra-bright almost fucshia pink.
Pink Poppys
The formula on Pink Poppys was also decently pigmented, but nothing to write home about.  Three coat is what I used to achieve the opacity seen here. 

lastly, we have Creme Soda, a pastel salmon orange crelly with scattered shimmer.
Cream Soda
 I was a bit surprised to find the shimmer in this shade because it is not evident in the bottle.  The sad part was that after the second, third, and fourth layers the shimmer got pretty much drowned, and even after the fourth coat there are still a few visible streaks on my nails.  In other words?  The formula in Cream Soda is seriously difficult for an amateur like me to use :(

So, a few thoughts that stick in my mind about this collection that I think are worth reiterating:

Daisy Daze and Cream Soda had the most difficult formulas, while Mad About Hue had the most pleasant one to work with.

Violets are Blue is my favorite, but you have to be aware that the formula is really sheer, so if working with four to five thin layers is not your cuppa, you will probably not be amused by this shade.

All in all, this is an awesome collection.  I know in the future I will probably use a white basecoat for my personal use, but today I worked through the crelly nightmares to be able to bring you guys more true-to-color swatches.

I hope you guys enjoyed this, and I will be back soon with the other half of Sinful Colors Mod collections so don't be a stranger, see you soon!



  1. I saw these in my rite aid, but the colors looked too similar to the spring colors they released two years ago (?) so i passed, you did a wonderful job swatching them though!

    1. You are right, actually I am pretty sure a couple of these shades are dupes/near dupes of each other. Daisy Daze is super close to Unicorn off the top of my head. Sigh, I guess I have an addiction... I keep telling myself I do it for science though! Thank you :)

  2. haha! Keep doing it for science! You do really great job!:) I like first three the most::)

    1. Thank you! They are very pretty, just a bit of work to apply!!!

  3. I saw your post on reddit lacqueristas and I thought to myself: since I'm going to Rite Aid to buy some Nyquil, it would be a travesty to pass these up...lol But, I am going to pass because of the formula. I just had another collection totally crap out on me because of the formula so I think i have enough of difficult polishes...UNTIL THE NEXT NEW COLLECTION COMES OUT.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! :) I am on the same boat, such a shame for all these pretty colors to cause so many headaches! I am also on the hunt for the China Glaze Sea Goddess collection, good luck to you and here's to hoping the next collection we discuss phenomenal formulas! <3